Label Tape Systems has been in business for 30 years serving the nursing home industry nationwide.  We have over 11,000 customers currently using our products nationwide.  We have dedicated our human and financial resources to help preserve the "Human Dignity" of our aging population. 

The facilities that have put this program into place are surprised at the level of acceptance by the residents' family.  The cost of the program becomes part of the initial admission process and helps your facility earn revenue on this service you provide.

We are constantly striving to promote our brand new equipment and preserve the dignity of your residents with all of our products.  From eyeglass and denture identification we promise all our systems will make it easier and more affordable for you facility to be current with hardware and new regulations. 

Ask about our flexible payment plans.  We have a 100% guaranteed on all products and offer Technical Support by our own IT personnel. 
Never outsourced- when you call- we can assist you right away.  We will continue, with your help, to supply the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Feel free to contact us and we look forward to doing business with you.
Label Tape Systems services facilities Nationwide!