Avoid Citations and eliminate lost clothing hassles! "During The First State Inspection after I become administrator of RiverChase, we were about to be cited for losing residents personal clothing. I told the state inspector we planned to install an LTS-Label System. She said, "if you order it today and show me a copy of the purchase order, I will not give you a citation this time." It Has Been Over 3 Years since we installed the LTS-Label System and we have eliminated lost clothing hassles here at RiverChase." - A. R., Quincy, FL

Easy Cost Justification! "Our 98 bed nursing home spent over $300 per month replacing residents' personal clothing. We purchased an LTS-Label System and Label Press. Our clothing replacement costs are now zero! we paid for the system in only 3 1/2 months." - T. B., Duluth, MN

LTS-Labels are the best and most reliable! "Five years ago, we labeled every article of personal clothing including delicate fabrics for all 121 of our residents. We label the clothing of every new resident upon admission. LTS-Labels do not fade out or fall off; they literally outlast the residents' clothing." - R. H., Wareham, MA
LTS Labels are easy! "We have been using this system for about 4 years now and it is very user friendly. The system is set up in the Linen Room and is run by Supervisor, Fran, who has no computer experience in the past. Whenever she needs a label for a new admit she just types it in and prints it off. The LTS Label System is very convenient and time efficient." -R. S., Bath, NY

It's easy to use! "The label remains easy to read after repeated launderings. I would not want to be without this system.  In 20 years of my employment here, this purchase has been the most beneficial to my dept." - J. M., Dayton, OH

"Since using the LTS we've reduced the number of lost clothing. But by far, the residents' dignity issue has been improved. What a difference over using a permanent marker on residents' clothing." -
J. K., Pittsburgh, PA

"I have to agree with you. Purchasing and using the LTS is one of the "best things" we have done for our facility and for our residents." -
D. P., Pittsburgh, PA.